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SuiteScript is the NetSuite platform constructed on JavaScript that allows whole customization and automation of commercial enterprise processes. Using the SuiteScript APIs, center commercial enterprise information and consumer facts may be accessed and manipulated through scripts which can be completed at pre-described events. For example, area change, shape submit, earlier than read, earlier than write, or Web requests. They also can be scheduled to run at particular times.

SuiteScript is produced from numerous additives permitting the maximum beneficial customization in SaaS:

Suitelets — extensions to SuiteScript allow you to construct a custom interface that is hosted in the NetSuite framework. Suitelets permit for absolutely custom HTML, Flash or NetSuite-primarily based totally front-give up improvement that may be constructed from scratch or through leveraging progressive SuiteScript UI Objects. Suitelets also can function as the back-give up for outside HTML interfaces, presenting whole flexibility in growing utility extensions to NetSuite.

SuiteScript UI Objects — Serve as extensions which allow you to construct a custom interface that runs invisibly in the NetSuite framework.

Portlet SuiteScript — scripted Dashboard portlets permit for list of any NetSuite content material at the Dashboard or inclusion of outside records-feeds through RSS, HTML or Flash, in addition to Web 2.zero mashups (e.g. immediate messaging, maps, blogs, more) through embedded Inline HTML fields, or iFrames.

Scheduled SuiteScript — helps commercial enterprise method customization through JavaScript extensions and permit for information to be processed as a scheduled batch to automate workflows consisting of re-undertaking of stale leads, drip-advertising and marketing or scheduling of series calls primarily based totally on days overdue.

User Event SuiteScript — SuiteScript may be used to implement records validation and commercial enterprise rules. User Event SuiteScripts are brought about as customers’ paintings with information and records modifications in NetSuite as they open, edit or store information.

Client SuiteScript — area-degree calculations, signals and commercial enterprise good judgment are facilitated through SuiteScripts which run in the consumer’s browser as they paint with records and information inside NetSuite. Additionally Server SuiteScript APIs may be invoked through the Client SuiteScript code to use commercial enterprise good judgment past an unmarried record.

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